About Misa

Listening to music, while treasure hunting is Misa's favorite pastime. She can't wait to set foot outside, so that she can explore Dotsitown. Geo-Treasure hunting allows her to go to places that she hasn't seen before, and she would not return home before she has found all the geocaches. Some caches she finds quickly, while others can take much longer before the elusive container is found. And each and every time, she celebrates the victory with her favorite words "I found it!" Misa wants to travel when she grows up, and find caches all over the virtual world.

Game play

You play a little girl called Misa in a little village called Dotsitown.
  • This game is made for handheld devices held in portrait mode.
  • Double Tap to bring up the HQ at the spawn point (home).
  • Double Tap anywhere else will bring up the GPS.
  • Tap, hold, and move, to guide Misa around the map.
  • Single tap to search for the caches when you are close enough.
  • Return to the spawn point (aka home) to reload 5 more caches, and to update your finds from HQ.
  • If you would like to play again, then please log out. This will reset the game. (Don't worry your score will still live on)


  • The objective is to find caches by exploring the map.
  • Once you have found all the virtaul caches then the real final geocache location will be revealed. But only for a short while.
  • Write it down quickly or take a screen capture.
  • If you miss it, you will need to log out, and then log in again to start a new game.
  • You can play this way as often as you like.
  • Only 5 new caches can be loaded at a time into the GPS while at home (spawn point).
  • Game time starts when you click on "Let the game Begin"
  • Game ends when you update your finds from HQ back at the spawn point and you have reached the required amount of finds.


  • If you would like to create a similar geocache based on this idea then please get hold of via:

Development Details

The game was written using a relatively new (as at 3rd quarter 2018) gaming engine called Phaser 3. The first version of the game is heavily based off Michael Hadley's blog post entitled Modular Game Worlds in Phaser 3 (Tilemaps #1) — Static Maps. In total over a 120 hours of work went into the game. (4 weekends, 2 days leave, and many 4 hours nights). This event captured on video also got in the way of completing the game.


  • If you have a problem then try and log out using the button at the bottom of the HQ screen.